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  • Product: Revitalash, Skinade and Obagi Medical.
  • Treatment Length: Variable depending on the treatment.
  • Possible Side Effects: May cause some skin sensitivity, discolouration or discomfort.
  • Downtime: Variable
  • Duration of Results: Variable
  • Aftercare: It’s important that you take note of the instructions given when Annie prescribes any skincare products for home use.

Why use specialist skin products?

When you buy over the counter remedies in the pharmacy without a prescription, there’s a limit to how much active ingredient a product can contain. This is because it has to be safe enough for anybody to apply by themselves. That’s why prescription goods are more effective. You can’t get hold of them until your condition has been assessed by a skincare professional and deemed suitable for you. Here at skinInspire, our highly experienced nurse prescriber, Annie, can supply you with prescription products for leading skincare brands; Revitalash, Obagi Medical and Skinade.

What can they treat?

Revitalash is a leading brand of eyebrow and eyelash-related products. Lashes and brows can be strengthened and nourished for cosmetic effect and to restore health. Skinade products improve the condition of your skin from the inside out. They are taken orally, rather than applied externally, and can boost collagen to refresh and rejuvenate your skin. For more specific skin conditions, you might want to find out more about the Obagi skincare range. They can treat pigmentation problems, the symptoms of rosacea, and very dry skin to name just a few. Let our experienced practitioner assess your needs during the consultation in order to prescribe the best possible course of action.

Note: Skincare products may only be prescribed after a face to face consultation. Follow-up appointments will also be necessary to assess your treatment.


*Individual results may vary.

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