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  • Product: CryoPen
  • Treatment Length: 15 minutes
  • Possible Side Effects: Redness, swelling, Blister, Scabbing, skin discolouration and numbness.
  • Downtime: 24 hours
  • Duration of Results: Permanent
  • Aftercare: A blister will form within 24 hours of having the CryoPen treatment. If it pops, you can clean it and put a plaster on it. Annie will also advise you to use Savlon, Sudocream or Germolene cream on the area twice daily.

How does it work?

Cryotherapy is a safe and effective method of removing skin imperfections, giving you a more even skin tone. It is used to destroy unwanted cells by rupturing their membranes. High pressure nitrous oxide is emitted from the CryoPen, into unwanted skin cells to freeze the fluid in them. The resulting crystals then rupture the cell membranes, leading the unwanted cells being destroyed. These are the cells that make up the skin tags, or pigmentation, you’re trying to remove.

What does it treat?

CryoPen treatment is an effective and safe way to remove scars, skin tags, warts and other blemishes. Annie is a highly skilled and experienced nurse practitioner, as well as a member of the BACN. In her safe and capable hands you can say goodbye to the skin imperfections that frustrate you every time you look in the mirror. It removes the cells of the blemishes permanently in a fast, pain-free manner and is generally far more effective than over the counter remedies.

Note: CryoPen treatment may only be performed after a face to face consultation. Initial appointments are consultations only. It will then be necessary to return for a separate treatment appointment, as well as a post-treatment follow up.


  • How long does the treatment take?

    It’s designed to be a fast treatment. On average it takes between 5 and 25 seconds to administer.

  • Is it safe?

    CryoPen has a great safety record, but administered by such an experienced and highly trained practitioner as Annie, you’ll be in expert hands. You will be fully briefed as to the risks involved, but they are all minimal. This is a low-risk treatment.

  • Does the treatment hurt?

    The treatment is virtually painless. Even if you experience some discomfort, it’ll only last for a few seconds.

  • How long afterwards will I see results?

    The lesion created by the CryoPen will develop a blister within 24 hours. This blister stage will last for 2-5 days before scabbing over. How long it will take to see the full results varies depending on the depth of skin penetrated, but within 2-6 weeks you should see visible results.

  • Should I be worried about the side effects?

    There’s a low risk of temporary discolouration of the skin, numbness, and hair follicle damage, but Annie is highly experienced in administering CryoPen and will take all the precautions necessary to ensure these don’t happen. You will receive all the details about the risks involved when you visit Annie for your consultation.

*Individual results may vary.

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