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  • Product: Is a hand-held device used to create vertical micro perforations across the skin. It helps skin texture, acne, reducing scar tissue and fine lines. For the hair it tackles hair loss at its source and restores the scalp to a healthy condition.
  • Treatment Length: 1 hour
  • Possible Side Effects: There are no side effects. The stamping procedure may cause the skin to become pink, but will settle in a few hours.
  • Downtime: 24/48 hours
  • Duration of Results: It is recommended for best results to have 4-6 treatments.

Behind the Brand

Using a unique and patented Growth Factor formula, AQ Skin Solutions, founded by Dr. Ahmed Al-Qahtani, is the world’s first cosmeceutical brand designed to repair and regenerate wounded and ageing skin tissue.

Dr. Al – Qahtani began working with the medical application of Growth Factors early in his career and was astounded to discover their extraordinary properties.

Growth Factors are naturally produced in the body and are used to regulate the cellular renewal and damage repair process within the skin. As we get older, unavoidable ageing and excessive free radical damage can hinder the body’s ability to produce functioning growth factors. Without these functioning growth factors, a breakdown in collagen and elastin networks become more apparent, eventually leading to a permanently impaired growth factor function. The skin is now unable to repair and rejuvenate these damaged cells. This is where AQ Skin Solutions steps in.

The Growth Factors used within AQ’s cosmeceutical skincare line have been clinically developed to mimic, in identical form, the Growth Factors produced by the human body. They supplement what the body can no longer produce, stimulating the body’s repair and rejuvenation process. In essence, the body is working to turn back time.

Unlike stem cells or platelet rich plasma procedures, Growth Factors are known to be specific for the area of the body and the cells to which they are going. Stem cells on the other hand, are not formed for any specific function or area of the body, until the body chooses where they need to go.

In working to harness the power of Growth Factors, Dr Ahmed Al-Qahtani has clinically developed them in the highest possible quality, combined with the exact quantity needed for fast and effective cellular rejuvenation. AQ Skin Solutions holds the patent and exclusive rights to one of the world’s most sought after anti-ageing skincare formulas.

Active Serum

As we mature, the signs of photo-ageing in our skin become more apparent. These include the effects of the suns UV light, chemicals found within our food and the pollution our skin is exposed to on a daily basis. Active Serum uses AQ’s Growth Factor formula to not only combat these signs of photo-ageing but to supplement the Growth Factors which the body can no longer produce. As a result, the complexion is returned to its youthful state.

Eye Serum / 15ml

Eye Serum stimulates the delicate eye contours natural process of repair and rejuvenation. It does this by providing the biological elements present in young, healthy skin, using AQ’s patented Growth Factor formula.

Growth Factor Induced Therapy

What is a GFIT Treatment?

An AQ GFIT Treatment – Growth Factor Induced Therapy is the topical way in which Growth Factors are delivered to the skin using a derma stamp.

The AQ Derma Stamp is a hand-held tool containing 140 titanium needles. When gently pressed into the skin, they work to open microscopic channels, allowing for better absorption of AQ’s Growth Factor technology and therapeutic active ingredients.

AQ offers GFIT facial, hair and body treatments, with the body treatments working to reduce stretch marks and scarring. We advise having an AQ GFIT treatment for your concern every 4-6 weeks, while applying the product topically, at-home in between.

Recovery Serum

Recovery Serum contains a 60% Growth Factor formula and is AQ’s most concentrated skincare product. It dramatically improves the appearance of ageing, damaged and post-procedure skin.

As Recovery Serum sinks into the skin, it immediately starts to enhance the skins natural cellular renewal process of repair and regeneration. It stimulates collagen production and healthy circulation, as well as antioxidant activity.

Advanced Hair Complex +

Advanced Hair Complex + addresses the real issues that cause hair loss and poor hair quality. As we age, our hair follicles become damaged, leading to a loss of hair growth. Advanced Hair Complex + works by conditioning the scalp and returning the stem cells (that line each hair follicle), to their healthy state. It further increases the circulation of select Growth Factor proteins found within healthy hair follicles, for continued growth and quality.

*Individual results may vary.

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